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Get Back on Your Feet with Vitality Hydration!

If you’d like to feel your best and you need to recover from an illness, a hangover, dehydration, nausea, or even migraine, help is only a call away! Our seasoned IV professionals can come to you and with minimal discomfort, establish an IV drip and speed you on your road to recovery. Recover from the comfort of your home, hotel or business. We have mobile IV therapy professionals able to provide service in Roswell and surrounding areas. We are always ready to come to you! So don't hesitate to give us a call for your next IV drip.

We offer the following:

Myers' Cocktail--$165

Featuring all 6 of our vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the Myers' Cocktail is our Elite cocktail and as such will boost your energy and immune system naturally to help you

recover quicker.

1 Liter of saline, B complex vitamins--B1-6, Vitamin C, B12 with MIC, Glutathione,

Zinc, Magnesium

CPR (Continue Partying Resuscitation)--$140 

For our clients who over indulged the night before, feeling sluggish, have a headache, feeling nauseated; let our CPR infusion get you back out on the town.

1 Liter of saline, B complex vitamins--B1-6, Ondansetron and  Ketorolac

Touch of Beauty--$140

For our clients who want to plump and smooth your skin, let our vitamin boost works to lighten and brighten your skin.

1 Liter of Saline, Glutathione, Zinc, Vitamin C

Beast Mode--$135

If you pushed too hard at the gym, practice went longer than usual, or you are preparing for an event; let us give you a boost pre/post workout.

1 Liter of saline, Glutathione, Ketorolac and Magnesium

Brain Buster--$130

For our clients who suffer with migraines or just a really bad headache, let us loosen that vise grip.

1 Liter of saline, Ketorolac, Magnesium and Ondansetron

Venus Cycle--$125

For our lady clients who struggle with their menstrual cycle. We can help lessen cramps.

1 Liter of Saline, Vitamin C, Ketorolac and Magnesium

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Are you feeling a little parched? Have you have been exposed to the elements or the community, not feeling yourself, let us give you a vitamin boost to get you feeling more like yourself.

1 Liter of saline, B complex vitamins--B1-6

BYOIV (Build Your Own IV)--$90

For our client who knows what they want.

1 Liter of saline

 + $25 for choice of first IV Boost and then $15 for each additional boost

IV Boosts--$25

      • Vitamin C--immunity booster, antioxidant
      • B12 with MIC--energy upgrade
      • B Complex--energy wellness distribution 
      • Zinc--boosts immunity, skin resiliency  
      • Magnesium--smooth muscle relaxer for muscle vitality
  • Ondansetron--anti-nausea 
  • Ketorolac--non-narcotic NSAID  for pain and inflammation
  • Glutathione--powerful antioxicant, metabolic enhancer

Additional Liter of Saline (1L): $40

Intramuscular Injections: $35

MIC B12 Injection

Ketorolac Injection

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